Saturday, 24 May 2014 15:55


The following decisions were taken in the first Executive Committee meeting about Short-term and Long-term programs for the networking and uplift of Science Education in the member States

  • A website for the Network will be launched. All member academies will provide information about their infrastructure to the Pakistan Academy of Sciences within the next 6 – 8 weeks. IAP website may also be consulted in this regard.
  • Network Newsletter on the model of IAP Newsletter will be published electronically.
  • Young scientists of the member academies will be provided Travel grants to attend Seminars/Conferences and Workshops. TWAS will be approached for help through its Travel Grant Program.
  • Remote lectures downloaded by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan will be sent to all the member academies in the form of CDs for duplication and distribution to their members.
  • Possibilities of Initiating Distance Learning Program shall be explored. Virtual/Open Universities may be established in the member States.
  • Member Academies will encourage their members to write books which can be published as e-Books. The Network shall pay honorarium to the authors.
  • Collaborative and bilateral research programs shall be initiated. In this regard, areas of strength and centers of excellence shall be identified and encouraged to start collaborative activities.
  • Visiting Teachers program shall be initiated with Travel grants from the Network/TWAS with provision of local hospitality by the inviting Academies.
  • With the advent of WTO Regime, the Academies should help the OIC Countries to prepare for necessary IPR & Patent Laws.
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