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The Membership of the Network should be open to Academies of Sciences in OIC Countries, as follows:

  • Founding Members

Founding Members are those academies present at the inaugural formation of the Network at an inaugural meeting on the 17th March, 2004 in Islamabad and that had ratified their membership within two months of that date. Other Academies not present at the inaugural meeting, may become Founding Members by confirming their membership within two months of the above date.

  • The following Academies attended the meeting agreed to become the founding members of the Network:
Academy of Sciences of Afghanistan image063
Bangladesh Academy of Sciences image065
Academy of Sciences and Arts of Bosnia & Herzegovina image067
Egyptian Academy of Sciences image069
Indonesian Academy of Sciences image071
Academy of Sciences of the Islamic Republic of Iran image073
Arab Academy of Sciences image074
Islamic Academy of Sciences (IAS) image091
National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan image093
Academy of Sciences Malaysia (ASM) image077
Nigerian Academy of Sciences image079
Pakistan Academy of Sciences (PAS) image081
Senegalese Academy of Sciences image083
Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan image085
The Uganda National Academy of Sciences (UNAS) image087
Palestine Academy of Sciences image089
Sudanese National Academy of Sceinces SudanFlag
Hassan II Academy of Sceinces and Technology MoroccoFlag
Academy of Sceinces of Turkmenistan TurkmenistanFlag
Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan TatarstanFlag
  • National Academies of Sciences in OIC Countries other than the Founding Members, whose members are elected on the basis of Scientific Excellence. Each Country shall be represented by only one Academy.
  • Application for Membership must be made in writing to the Network Secretariat and shall be considered by the Executive Committee and confirmed by a majority of Members by circulation and confirmed by General Assembly.
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